PESTICIDE in Your Ears

Great news! Pesticide audiobook comes out today.

The Pesticide audiobook was produced by Tantor Media, and I was delighted to discover that they used two readers, Romy Nordlinger for Giuliana and Tim Campbell for Renzo. Nordlinger is a TV, movie, and stage actor (I think the word “actress” is gone, right?), and Campbell has won Audie and AudioFile Earphones awards. Both have made hundreds of audiobooks.

I haven’t heard the recording yet. My pre-ordered copy just arrived a few minutes ago, and I can’t wait to listen to it. I subscribe to one of Audible’s annual plans—it gives me 24 book credits a year—and I buy lots of their books on sale. Mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, history, popular science, classics, and just plain novels: I listen to them whenever I’m doing something that doesn’t require much thought. So, whether it’s while cooking, cleaning, ironing, watering the plants, running washes, shopping for groceries, or taking a walk, I’m usually listening to a book. It won’t be long before I’m investigating murders with Giuliana and Renzo.

I know most of you have already read the book, but in case you want to try listening, too, or know someone who loves audiobooks as much as I do and deserves a present, here’s a website where you can order Pesticide:

5 thoughts on “PESTICIDE in Your Ears

  1. Great post. Maybe you can be a. Model for my self- PR. Every time you post,;I will. But I have to lllearn the computer moves, like how to paste in the link to book sales. I plan to ask the Press to teach. me.

    Now, for breakfast . . . 🤗 Betsy


    1. Glad to be an example, although lots of people post a lot more than I do. But it sounds like you have a good plan. Emily could probably help you with posting.


    1. Thank you very much, Ellen. It makes me happy that you’re enjoying Pesticide so much. If you feel up to it, write a sentence on Amazon or Goodreads and give it some stars–you’d be surprised how much it helps sales.


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