Snow in Bern

Saint Nicholas Day came and went on December sixth, and winter still hadn’t come to Bern. Two days later, the fuchsias on my balcony were still opening their buds; there were new geranium blossoms, too. Then last Friday and Saturday it snowed, and since then the temperatures have remained below freezing. The snow is still edging the roads and roofs and trees, and last night the temperature went down to 15° F, even colder than it was in Bern last January and February. As we wrap bulky scarves around our necks and dig out thicker gloves, we’re all remembering now what winter really is.

On Saturday I walked across Bern’s encircling river, the Aare, from the Old Town to the top of the hill that leads to home. It was snowing, but only lightly, and all the colors around me were muted under the gray sky. As I crossed the Nydegg Bridge, I couldn’t help noticing, yet again, how beautiful my city is. Even without sun and blue skies and window boxes full of flowers, it’s magnificent.

So I took some photos with my phone. And the next day, when the sun came out and lit up the snow-covered trees in the nearest park, I took pictures there, too. Which means today I can show you snow in Bern, as I saw it this past weekend within a short walk of my home.

Saturday, 10. December 2022

Sunday, 11. December 2022

5 thoughts on “Snow in Bern

    1. Thanks, Cook. I’ve been here over thirty-four years now, and I still love the city. And if I sometimes miss the ocean, well, your house is only a short walk from it, so I can come and visit you!


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