PESTICIDE Audiobook on Sale

Most of us loved being read to as children, and I guess I never outgrew my delight in it.  I listen to almost as many books as I read, maybe more when my days are heavier than usual with cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, watering my balcony, or getting through some other task that doesn’t require concentration. Lots of people listen to audiobooks while driving. Here in Bern, living minutes away from several tram and bus stops, I rarely drive, but I’m trying hard to walk an hour a day. Whenever I walk, I have earbuds in my ears and my phone in my pocket, playing a book.

In case you like listening to books as much as I do, here’s a tip: the Pesticide audiobook is on sale at half-price. Between now and January 27, you can get it for $12.50.  I do realize that most of you have probably read it already, but maybe you’re planning to prepare a five-course meal or take a very long walk, and need some light entertainment!

50% OFF Pesticide   

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