My Mother’s Library

Only two days past Mother’s Day, I just had a little piece about my mother Joy Hays published on Lesa’s Book Critiques, a blog about books—especially mysteries—that is run by library manager Lesa Holstine. Lesa has won all kinds of awards for her book reviews, and I’m very grateful to her for publishing the piece.Continue reading “My Mother’s Library”

Thrilling News

Much as I enjoy compliments to Pesticide or Sons and Brothers, I don’t think anyone would call my mysteries thrillers! So I was especially pleased to be interviewed by The Big Thrill: The Big Thrill is the online monthly magazine put out by the International Thriller Writers Association (ITW). I suppose by now thereContinue reading “Thrilling News”

Stephen King Meets Georgette Heyer

I know someone who teaches classes on how to revise manuscripts. The example she gives her students of a writer who knows how to pace his novels brilliantly is Stephen King. She thinks his ability to create suspense is extraordinary. Stephen King is seventy-five years old; he was born and brought up in Maine andContinue reading “Stephen King Meets Georgette Heyer”

Coming Soon to a Bookstore near You

Last August, I posted about Sons and Brothers, the second book in the Polizei Bern series. August 2022 was when I got a first version of the front cover to show off. Now I have the front and back covers, and the book is due out in sixty-seven days, on April 18. Here’s the latest descriptionContinue reading “Coming Soon to a Bookstore near You”

David Copperfield in Our Times

Animal Dreams (1990) is American writer Barbara Kingsolver’s second novel, but it’s the first one I read, and during the past thirty years, I’ve read it at least twice more. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, it spoke to me in the early nineties as if it were written just for me. It’s obviousContinue reading “David Copperfield in Our Times”