Living Next Door to Bern’s Bears

I was recently invited to join a tour of Bern’s bear park, and I learned so much about the city’s bears that I thought I’d share some of it with you. It’s a story with a happy ending for the bears but also a reminder of how cruel supposedly civilized people can be to animals. InContinue reading “Living Next Door to Bern’s Bears”

A Gripping Take on “The Troubles”

Like over fifty million American adults, I have Irish ancestors, although I have to go back to my great-great-grandfather and -grandmother to find anyone actually born on Irish soil. I was also an adult during most of The Troubles, the years from 1968 until 1998 when Northern Ireland was a battleground between the (essentially Protestant)Continue reading “A Gripping Take on “The Troubles””

Sons and Brothers

The freezing rains of late November and the icy rush of the Aare as it loops around the city of Bern set the scene for Sons and Brothers, the second Polizei Bern novel, which was published on April 18 and can be ordered on Amazon or through In this book Giuliana Linder and RenzoContinue reading “Sons and Brothers”

Propaganda in Linen and Wool

My husband and I were on vacation in western Normandy for the last two weeks of June. For us, that meant visiting gardens, castles, and churches (including the magnificent Mont Saint-Michel); driving past vast fields of wheat under enormous skies (Normandy is so flat compared to Switzerland!), and strolling among half-timbered houses. We were alsoContinue reading “Propaganda in Linen and Wool”