Ukrainian Refugees in Switzerland

Guest Essay from The Local by Clare O’Dea

Tomorrow I’m flying to the US for the first time since August 2019.  Thanks to Corona, I’ve been away longer than ever before. I’m very much looking forward to being back, mainly to see friends and family—and to hear American English around me—but also because I’m co-hosting a small party on Tuesday, April 19, at the Mysterious Book Shop in downtown Manhattan to celebrate the publication of Pesticide, the first mystery in my Polizei Bern series:

I also wanted to share with you an article I read today about the thousands of Ukrainian refugees arriving daily in Switzerland.  It’s from an English-language online Swiss newspaper ( and written by my friend and fellow novelist Clare O’Dea. Among other things, she points out that as of March 28, Switzerland had taken in 16,500 Ukrainians in a generous and surprisingly unbureaucratic way.

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