The Latest News on PESTICIDE!

Hello, dear friends, family, and blog-post followers. I’m in New York for my book launch, and lots has been happening.

But first: you are invited to the launch of Pesticide at the Mysterious Book Shop, 58 Warren Street (near the World Trade Center) in downtown Manhattan. It’s on Tuesday, April 19 at 6-7 p.m. There will be about twenty minutes of talk about the book, and then it will be time to party!

If you want to know more about how I came to write Pesticide, you can check out an interview about the book that I did with Diane Dewey on Voice America’s program “Dropping In.” Diane is a very interesting person and a skilled interviewer who is herself a writer. You can listen to the interview on Apple, Spotify, or through the Voice America’s own podcast:

I’ve also had a chance to write some essays for several book-related websites. One of them, Jungle Red Writers, is run by seven well-known women mystery authors, including Deborah Crombie, who endorsed my book. You can see the post I did for them, which is about how to make a character seem Swiss, at

A couple of other pieces I wrote about my experience writing Pesticide are on a blog called “Girl Talk” and another, mystery-oriented UK website called “Shots Magazine.” See and

Books Forward is featuring me, along with a number of other writers, at

It’s fun getting all this attention, and I’m really looking forward to being interviewed at the book launch by mystery writer Alison von Rosenvinge, whose pen name is D. A. Bartley and whose mysteries, set in Utah and involving a dark side of the Mormon Church, are exciting and thought-provoking.

Perhaps I’ll see you at the book launch! And as for Pesticide, I’ve got a final copy and it looks great.

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